Why not join us? The Membership fee of just 7 for a year, renewable in April, represents extremely good value for money when the quality of the speakers is considered. For further information on the quality of the speakers we are privileged to listen to, please visit the progamme page.

If you wish to join, or to get further information, you are welcome to contact me, Trevor Moncrief. Further details are given below. Alternatively click HERE to print off a copy of our Application Form



New rules in relation to data protection came into force in 2018. Whilst it is possible that the rules do not apply to a Club like Avro Lancashire, this is to let you know what data we hold, how it is held and what we do with it.

When an Application/Renewal form is completed, you give us details about yourself. Those details are then entered by me, the Membership Secretary, into a computerised data base which is kept on my computer with a copy being held by the Chairman. Nobody else has access to the data base.

And you can be assured that if information about a particular member is sought by another member, e.g. telephone number, address or email address, that information will not be given out unless the member enquired about agrees.

The data base is for the purpose of identifying who are members of the Club. However, it has a functional purpose in that the Chairman uses the data regarding email addresses to send out the monthly newsletter whilst I use it to post the newsletter to those members who do not have an email address.

Our understanding is that anyone whose data is held on computer has the right to ask not to be contacted by post, telephone or email. It would seem that this in reality relates to people who do not wish to receive promotional literature which is not the case so far as Avro Lancashire is concerned.

The Chairman and I have taken the view that members are happy to receive copies of the newsletter or any other information about the Club’s activities and these will be sent out as usual in future.

However, if you do not wish your personal data to be used as the basis for this, you have the right to ask that nothing be sent to you in future. You can do this by sending an email to, or ringing, the Membership Secretary whose details appear in the “Contact Us” section of the Club’s Web Site, .


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